Our expert professionals provide a range of audit services based on a strong understanding of accounting principles which is related with the International Standards on Auditing (ISA) adopted in Bangladesh. These are complemented by an appropriate knowledge of business systems, processes and controls. We are committed to delivering a personalized and focused service and providing solution based advice to give our clients and their stakeholders the assurance required. Our risk-based audit approach ensures that we focus on significant business issues affecting our client’s Financial Statements. Our audit services are: 1.Services for Pre-Statutory audit 2.Internal audit 3.Special audit 4.Cost audit 5.Compliance audit 6.Forensic audit 7.Management audit 8.Performance audit 9.Forensic audit 10.Interim audit 11.Review engagement 12. Pre-NGOAB audit 13. Pre-Donor audit
We provide services of Tax & Legal advice which are designed to help our clients to apply the most effective business strategies. With our wide-ranging industry knowledge and experience. In Bangladesh, Taxation services has become one of the critical and complex compliance issues for business organization in Bangladesh. Tax levy and the imposition is changed almost every year by the promulgation of the Finance Act. Generally, taxation services in Bangladesh is governed by the Income Tax Ordinance 1984.Our tax and legal services are: Assisting clients for transfer pricing issues. Assisting client in assessing their business tax in Bangladesh. Income tax planning as per the taxation laws of Bangladesh. -Assisting clients to face National -Board of Revenue audits. -Filing tax returns of the clients. -Obtaining Federal Tax ID/ Taxation --Identification number in Bangladesh. -Preparation of tax return according to the prevailing income tax laws in Bangladesh. -Filing late tax returns. -Filing amended tax returns. -Advising clients on income tax. -Income Tax Appeals. -Representing clients before the department of taxation. -Regular taxation compliance: Monthly return on Tax deducted at source Quarterly return on foreign remittance, quarterly report on accounts Biennial (Six monthly) report on withholding tax -Annual Income tax return, audit report and accounts preparation -Other statements and reporting regulations asked by various organizations (ex. BIDA, RAJUK, NBR, BANKING INSTITUTIONS ETC.) time to time
EBS is one of the very few firms that provide corporate secretarial services in Bangladesh. Our corporate secretarial services include: Establishment of a Bangladeshi company (local/foreign); Filings with the Register of Joint Stock of Companies and Firms (RJSC); Foreign corporations – registration of a branch in Bangladesh; Foreign corporations – setting up a representative office in Bangladesh; On-going corporate secretarial services for private and public companies including companies listed on the DSE and CSE; Registration of business; and Obtaining necessary licenses and permits for business. We can help you choose and set up the most appropriate business vehicle if you are looking to establish a presence in Bangladesh and ensure that you comply with ongoing regulatory requirements in an efficient manner. Our lawyers can also provide advice on the availability of special incentives from the Board of Investment, as well as on other matters.
EBS is also providing solutions for complex cases like- -Patent registration -Copyright solutions -Construction Certificate -Employee’s provident fund, pension or gratuity fund and Workers profit participation fund management -Bank Account Opening
Payroll outsourcing, Payroll tax consultant, Payroll management, Third party payroll, Human resource information system, Payroll management software, Bookkeeping, Accounting manual, Standard Operational manual, SOP, Invoice/bills/receipts and bank reconciliation statement, Personal Accountant responsibility for your bookkeeping, Management Accounting, Tax Accounting, Forensic Accounting, Consolidation, ERP Solutions Implementation, Payroll Report Preparation, Employee Tax Minimization, Payslip Preparation, Salary Disbursement, Preparation of Tax Certificate.